Drupal 7 Installed and Demo

Is Justhost suitable for hosting Drupal CMS website? This is one of the top 10 questions we received from site visitors. Since Drupal is one of the most popular content management system and its available for free, the popularity is huge and many people are choosing this content management platform for their online website. It is very simple to setup and can be host in almost any cPanel web hosting plan available today. For this Justhost web hosting, we specially highly the following features that making the Drupal site hosting even better than before

  1. Unlimited domain hosting and database mean we can host multiple Drupal sites in one account.
  2. Simplescripts 1-click installer with Drupal site setup.
  3. Instant account setup.

With above features, we are able to quickly setup new hosting account and install Drupal site almost instantly. We can cut down the waiting time and bring up the site in shortest time, this is rapid website publishing and we love the speed performance too.

Next, we are using the new SimpleScripts one click installer that provides more apps and more CMS choice. We are testing Drupal setup and we want to know how compatible this plan when come to this.

  1. To begin the setup, we use their latest one click installer to setup Drupal at new directory. We don’t have spare domain name for the job, we will go ahead with the sub-directory installation.
  2. We chose to install a brand new version in new directory. Selected the latest stable release version and choose domain directory.
  3. Selected administrator password and agree to the GPL license agreement
  4. Complete the installation.

This is a free open source app which we can use for personal site or business site. We can edit or change the site content or design, and latest publish the new site online.

From our quick test, we know this is one of the best web hosting provider that supporting Drupal. If you are looking for content management system, Drupal can be the choice for you and it is equipped with a powerful blend of features that supports a variety of sites ranging from personal web blogs to large community. So far we have not experience any problems with the site. Things are running great as expected. View our Drupal demo here.

Drupal site installed

CPanel Control Panel and Features

Justhost cPanel control panel is with customized theme. This cPanel looks great and nicely organized. It looks similar to Bluehost cPanel and Hostmonster cPanel.

For our web hosting account, we have full access to their cPanel control panel and it is accessible at our domain name directly. And we can find the same cPanel layout for all their shared hosting packages, reseller and VPS hosting plans. In comparison and feature wise, we are rating this user-friendly cPanel with a usability score of 9/10.

cPanel demo

Maximum files permitted in account is very high. This inodes limits are set to 50000 and this are the maximum files allowed in single account. Exceeding this limit will cause account suspension and that is the thing you need to avoid. Upgrade to their latest VPS if you need higher limits on this.

Justhost email service is reliable and works great. This unlimited shared hosting is complete with email service and offering with three webmail clients program

  1. Roundcube.
  2. Horde.
  3. Squirrelmail.

We have tested these email services and it is fast, dependable and works for most popular web browsers.

Webmail selection

Domain manager tool is easy to use. Our requirement is very specific and always look for web host that offers most features and best quality, this is the web host that totally impresses us. They are now adding in the all new domain manager into the existing cPanel control panel.

Domain manager

They are offering multiple site builder tools. In here, we can find a total of five site builder tools which includes

  1. RvSitebuilder
  2. Livesite
  3. SohoLaunch
  4. BasicPages
  5. Concret5

Weebly site builder

VPS Hosting & Why Upgrade This?

There are four Justhost VPS packages to select from and basic plan $14.99 is the most recommended. It have enormous 2 GB memory and 30 GB storage, that is sufficient for multiple website hosting. Other standard features include cPanel control panel and server root access.

  1. VPS Standard plan $14.99
  2. VPS Enhanced plan $29.99
  3. VPS Premier plan $44.99
  4. VPS Ultimate plan $59.99

Why choose Justhost VPS hosting? Besides their instant account provisioning, we love their price too. They purposely built 4 different packages and most basic one start from $29.99. With their introductory discount, the price is cut half and we only pay $14.99 for first month. In price and feature comparison, this is better compare to

  1. Hostgator VPS basic plan is only with 512 MB.
  2. Webhostingbuzz VPS basic plan is with only 512 MB.
  3. IPage VPS basic plan is only with 1GB memory.

Why upgrade to Justhost VPS hosting plan? This virtual private server stand in between shared hosting and dedicated server. When people realized shared hosting is not sufficient and dedicated server is too expensive, they have to come out with a new solution that fit in the between. This is when they split the dedicated server by software and creating virtual server environment. When this is done, it produce a new virtually like server that is acting just like a private server but being share parallel without being known by the server user. By this, they can having few virtual cluster in one server and that is how they cut down the price and still sharing the server by just a fraction few VPS accounts. In short, it is better than shared hosting and from our test it can be up to twice better than shared hosting.

Justhost VPS hosting