Justhost domain names, price, transfer, and domain manager tools

Justhost domain manager tool is easy to use. Our requirement is very specific and always looks for web host that offers most features and best quality; this is the one that totally impresses us. They are now adding in the all new domain manager into the existing cPanel control panel. All our registered domains and websites can be managed from this Justhost domain management tool and it works perfectly well without error. In here, we get to add new domain, manage existing domain, add WHOIS protection etc.

To manage your domain, click on the individual name and it will bring up the record. It is instant management and there is no need for domain login or password. In simple, we get to view the domain expiry date, quick information, contact info, and we can edit any of these field from here.

Justhost domain manager

Justhost domain price and domain renewal cost. Unlike other web hosts that simply increase their registration cost year after year, this Justhost.com is quit constant with their domain pricing and always give us a low price. For example, we can get new dot com domains for as low as $14.99 per year. The dot me extension is much cheaper and priced at $11.99 only.

Justhost addon domain and host unlimited domains. First go to domain manager and choose the “Assign a domain to your cPanel account”. The process is very simple, you start with adding new domains into your account and this process is called assigning domains.

Select a domain name that you would like to assign:

  1. Use a domain that is already associated with your account.
  2. Use a domain that is not already associated with your account.

Next step is ownership verification and confirm you own the domain names. Later choose the type of addon that you want to locate this new domains.

  1. Addon Domain
    An Addon Domain is a domain name that points to a different subdirectory on your account. This gives you the ability to make it look like an entirely different website.
  2. Parked Domain
    A Parked Domain (or pointed domain) is a domain name that points to the same directory as your Primary domain. This means that the website of the parked domain will be the same as bloghostingfree.com which is your Primary Domain.
  3. Unassigned Domain
    An Unassigned Domain is attached to your account, but does not point to a website or have a dedicated folder attached. When you’re ready to host this domain on your account, this tool can help you make it an Addon or Parked domain. This is useful for domains that your customers own but you are not yet ready to assign. WHM can also create accounts from these domains.

Finally, choose where you want to host the web files for this domain. Please specify a directory you would like the Addon to point to:

  1. Use an existing directory.
  2. Create a new directory

Complete the process to this point and a new website shall be successfully added to your cPanel account as a new website.

Justhost domain transfer is optional and its simple. This domain transfer process is optional and not necessary. If all you want it to transfer from old web host to here and want your website up running, this process is not necessary. All you need is change the domain DNS field and stop at there. This domain transfer is only necessary if you want to change the management to Justhost.com and use them as the winning registrar. When you want to do this, simple get to domain transfer page located at: https://my.justhost.com/cgi/transfer

Here are some quick info that you need to know before start transferring domains to Justhost.com

Note: Registrar Transfers are FREE. Your domain must already be registered with another Registrar in order to begin. Just Host does not charge any extra fees when transferring your domain to us from your old host. However, ICANN requires a one year extension to your domain when it is transferred to a new host. With this extension/renewal of your domain we charge the typical renewal fee. The time from now until your current expiration date will be transferred for FREE so you will not lose anything you’ve already paid for.

Once a transfer is started you cannot make any changes to the whois information. No contact changes. No Nameserver changes. You must wait until the transfer completes. Transfers can take approximately 7 days if the other Registrar takes no action to APPROVE or DENY the transfer request.

Warning: Some Registrars will LOCK the domain when it approaches close to the expiration date. This prevents the domain from being able to be transferred away from them. Since you don’t lose anything by transferring, the sooner you transfer, the better chance you have of completing the transfer and the safer your domain will be. You don’t gain any more registration time by waiting anyway.

We only accept .com, .co, .org, .net, .us, .info, .biz, .cc, .tv, and .me extensions at this time.

How to transfer website to Justhost hosting service? In above we provide a quick guide for domain transfer, later we are going to tell you how to transfer your existing website content over to Justhost hosting. What you need to do now is gain access to Justhost FTP server, the login info is the same as your cPanel login information; use the same password and username.

Once you are able to login to Justhost FTP server, this is where you should upload all files to “public_html” folder and this is the path for the primary domain. If you are using subdomains, choose the correct directory path for it, and upload all your web files here.

Justhost domain privacy and WHOIS protection

Domain Privacy helps to protect your personal information on the web. ICANN requires you to keep the contact information associated with your domain name accurate, and the WHOIS database is publicly viewable. It is easy for spammers to obtain your personal contact information if it is not protected. Domain Privacy service as a shield. Instead of showing your personal contact information in the public whois database, the database will show contact information for the Just Host Privacy Service. This allows you to keep your information accurate and up-to-date for ICANN purposes, but invisible to and protected from the public.

Domain Privacy protects you from:

  • Spam and other Unsolicited Email
  • Unwanted Phone Calls & Postal Mail
  • Identity Theft
  • Fraudulent Domain Transfers
  • and much more

Domain Privacy protects your domain information for an entire year for just $7.99 – SAVE $3.89. This price is available only for new purchases and is valid for the initial term only, and not for successive or renewal periods.