Justhost Coupon and Discount $2.23/mo

Justhost coupon $2.75What is the best Justhost coupon for 2014? Early this year they set their basic plan at $3.50/month and this July they are once again offers a new promotion and guarantee a 65% saving with their introductory offer. Their lowest price is now $2.75 and it will renew at $7.99 accordingly. We checked for their price change very frequently and we know when the best time for signup is.

There has been much kind of web hosting sales right here and for this year 2014, these are the best offers available:

  1. Choose 24-months and get it at $3.50/mo
  2. Choose 36-months and get it at $2.75/mo
  3. Use the Justhost coupon code FREEDOMAIN to entitle.

Justhost coupon $2.75 per month

Besides getting the lowest price from them, we are looking for free gifts and extra promos too. For instant, here are some of the free gifts we are getting when signing up:

  1. Free domain name registration.
  2. Free site builder tool.
  3. Free $50 Facebook ad credit.
  4. Free $100 Google ad credit.
  5. Free $50 Bing ad credit.

For first quarter of this year 2014, they have changed their annual pricing table and introduce a slight change here and there. For example, the previous lowest price was $3.25 and now it is $3.50 per month. This is less than 10% increase. However the default Justhost coupon remains the same and offering the highest discount for those choose to signup 4-years at once.

Justhost coupon $3.50

The best Justhost coupon is $2.23 per month. They start the year with their best offer and discount. Place your order today, and you can locked in their lowest pricing for up to 4 years. When you place order for their plan, use the Justhost coupon code and this hosting plan can be yours. We have been monitoring and perform our Justhost reviews for many years, we have seen very rare offers from them and this $2.23 is one of its kind and so far the lowest. Inside this, they included in free primary domain name and marketing credits. This mean it should be much lower than $2.23 in actual calculation.

Justhost coupon $2.23

For the summer 2013, the lowest Justhost price is $2.25 per month. This is nearly 70% off original pricing and this give the highest saving for their first time customer. Choose to signup with them this summer and take control of their limited offer here. This is the first time we spotted this $2.25 and this is a real deal. This is all unlimited plan and includes everything you need to host one or more websites.

Justhost Coupon Summer $2.25

Second best Justhost coupon is from $2.45 per month. Don’t signup yet until you read these! This will help you getting the best discount. If you signup using the BESTHOST2009 or FREEDOMAIN coupons provided by default, you will get their regular pricing only.

Justhost VPS hosting is now half-price off. They are now offering 4 VPS packages and begin from below $29.99 per month. The basic VPS plan now starts from $14.99 for the first month only. After we apply the default Justhost coupon FREEDOMAIN to entitle for this 50% saving, the price is now amazingly low and only $14.99 only. The following months will renew at regular and no discount will be given. Here are the quick feature and specification for their VPS plans.

VPS hosting sales

Justhost dedicated server is now 50% off. This dedicated hosting is with instant provisioning which means instant account setup and no waiting is required. Server management tools are provided free and even permit root server access. These servers are further enhanced with mirror storage and memory caching to boost performance and make it even faster. Their most basic server setup now uses dual core Intel Xeon processor and price start from $149.99 each month. It uses CentOS 64-bits operating system and cPanel server management.

Justhost dedicated server coupon

How to activate this Justhost coupon price $2.75/mo? If you are unclear of how to activate this code, we have created this 30 seconds video to help you get things right. It shows step-by-steps instruction on how to activate it, follow by confirmation, signup and fill in billing page to complete the signup. Its a simple process and we really hope this video tutorial will help you even better.

6 thoughts on “Justhost Coupon and Discount $2.23/mo

  1. This year 2014, the popular Justhost coupon code FREEDOMAIN remains valid and offering us the best price ever. This is the most sought after promotion and will be offering the lowest price ever. We have seen and been using this code for over five years and we are rating this as the most reliable and dependable choice for new signup.

  2. Justhost shared hosting plan includes site backup and restore service at no cost. User can use this tool to create site backup and database backup and download it to local computer. This is fully functional service. There is pro version available at $19.99 a year and offers more detail backup service.

  3. Considering Justhost Sitelock security feature? This is domain protection feature and will scan your website for any malware of hacker signature. This is a paid service and at here we can them at discount price from $19.99 a year. The most recommended standard plan includes daily scan, file change detection, and automatic malware removal.

  4. Yes, we are still offering the Justhost rebate and rewards to new customer who is willing to write us their review. We are asking for at least 50 words in your customer testimonial and we like to know your actual experience, either its good or bad. This rebate program is valid once per customer and will be sent to you via PayPal once your review has been reviewed and approved.

  5. What is the biggest discount you can get from this VPS hosting signup? From their current 50% discount, we know it is only valid for first month only and the price to pay is only half of normal price. They have 4 plans available and hence the available discount will be from $14.99 to $59.99 in value. Choosing the basic VPS will allow a saving of $14.99 and highest plan will be $59.99 in total. There is free domain name and IP address included and worth over $40 dollars in value. Signup using Justhost coupon code FREEDOMAIN and entitle for this VPS promo price and free gift.

  6. Inserted a new video tutorial showing step-by-steps to activate the Justhost coupon link and getting the best $2.75 pricing. At the billing page, please choose the 36 months options in order to get this lowest price. This step is missing from our video above.

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