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Whenever we search online for their web hosting reviews or any other verdicts, we will get lots of false claims from unconfirmed source. Probably over 90% of this info are not based on actual experience and the editor who wrote it is not having experience or ever use the products. That is what pioneer our very first hosted web hosting review site and our actual experience helps to revealed lots more secrets about them. We invite existing customers to take part in this program by submitting their own user reviews. In here, we also have a few coupons for discount and saving. Don’t signup yet until you read our full report.

Justhost reviews introduction.

Justhost.com is a web host that maintain the lowest price and keep their initial signup price at $3 dollars a month. Anyone who needs a web hosting service will find this offer irresistible. It offers everything you ever need, with nothing less and only more. If you need a bigger package, right here they have:

  1. Reseller hosting selling at $19.95/mo.
  2. VPS hosting selling at $29.99 (first month $14.99).
  3. Dedicated hosting selling at $149.99 (first month $74.99).

Homepage offers

Justhost review on shared hosting service

This is the most common type of Internet hosting service and almost all webmaster having experience in this. The company purchase individual server and installed all require software to create virtual clustering in it. With this, the one server is now able to support multiple user accounts and serve as a new home for thousand of websites. What they did is find new customer and put them into any available slot, and once the server is full they simply add new server as a new unit and continue to process all over. This is the most common practice and it can generate million of dollars in pure profit every year. For us that previously working with a web hosting company, we really understand how they run the business and how much profit it can generate. This is like a cash machine and once doing it right, it can be bring to its full potential and create some really amazing thing.

How to look for a good shared hosting service? Because this is multi-million dollars in stack, this is no one man job and it requires the best technical team and the best hardware facilities too. When looking for a good web hosting company, we will first check their company reputation and years of experience follow by facilities and hardware in use. This will reveal some background information and help us to pinpoint the exact champion in the game. Only the top host with the right resources invested will prosper in long term and growth into a gigantic company that runs by thousand of employees. There you have it, when we search for a good web host; we really look into the background to help identify the undisputed winner.

Justhost reviews on comparison

They are having the widest range of products. Anything you need to host a website online can be found here, and most importantly they are now having cheap VPS upgrade option and budget dedicated servers for those looking for more exclusive solution. In comparison, their products are much cheaper compare to Bluehost and Hostgator, the two big names in this industry. Here is their price difference:

  1. Justhost is from $3.50/mo.
  2. Bluehost is from $5.95/mo.
  3. Hostgator is from $7.95/mo.

Justhost VPS hosting plans

Justhost reviews on unlimited hosting features

This unlimited plan is now priced at not more than $3.50 per month, and clearly that price is cheaper compare to other places. It is now includes the following features:

  1. Unlimited disk storage and site transfer.
  2. Unlimited email accounts and mailbox.
  3. Unlimited domain and support international domain names.
  4. Free domain name registration.
  5. Free cPanel control panel and site builder.

Justhost reviews on average user rating

Overall user rating is now 4.9/5.0. In recent years, their products are greatly improved and continuously introducing more upgrades. We have been using their service for many years and besides great products, the quality is superior and with highest rating too. We have experience using their shared and reseller hosting, and we are most impressed by their cPanel shared hosting. This is one of the best cPanel plan and we have compared them with most other top web hosting company products and its clear this is one of the best.

With this web hosting review website hosted with them, we are checking their price, feature and quality in here. The actual experience is helping us to rate them correctly and we know this require some mathematical tool to get this right. We are using the following rating system to give a score to each checking criteria and find its overall rating at the end. Here are our ratings:

Justhost rating and vote

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Justhost coupon and discount $2.23/mo (use this signup link)

Justhost coupon 2015 is here for only $2.50/month

They give a big surprise to their new customers this year. By choosing their most popular shared hosting plan, new user signup are now costing only $2.50 per month. This is a real web hosting bargain when compare to the regular price $5.99. This converts into a real discount price of over 50% instant saving. There is no contract, no tricks, and it’s real. Choose their basic shared hosting account that allows unlimited websites to be hosted, get this for just $2.50 per month. Choose the appropriate yearly term, get a free domain and free site builder too as well. The standard cPanel control panel is included at no cost. Click on below banner to activate go to this Justhost promotion page.

Justhost coupon 2015

Justhost coupon on Cyber Monday sales, for only $2.25/mo

Throughout this year, we have seen a lot of promotion price from Justhost.com and for this Cyber Monday sales they have launched the biggest discount ever. This special holiday pricing is now only $2.25/month for unlimited shared hosting package. This plan includes unlimited domain hosting, storage and bandwidth. It also includes free site builder and domain registration. Regular price is $5.99 and the offer price now is $2.25/month only.

Cyber Monday Coupon $2.25

Justhost coupon on Halloween sales 2014

This Halloween 2014, their shared hosting is having this $2.50/month sale; cutting their price even lower from the previous $2.75/month offer price. This is limited time offer and only available throughout this holiday weekend only. Note that only the standard plan is available with this $2.50 promotion price and the PRO plan is as regular without any discount.

  • Choose standard plan and get unlimited plan for $2.50 per month.

Justhost Halloween sales 2014 more

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Justhost dedicated server review 2015 and refund policy

JustHost is known for offering top Linux web hosting service. Recently however, they added dedicated hosting to their service offerings. Established in 2008 by a group of IT professionals focusing on UK companies called Just Develop It, JustHost continues to make efforts on improving and also innovating to offer better web experience. It is well known for offering affordable VPS hosting, shared hosting as well as dedicated server products. Read our investigative JustHost dedicated server review to learn more about these guys.

1) Key features

This is one of the most feature rich servers you can find in the industry and it also has lots of guaranteed resources that customers may use to create not only powerful but also solid online presence. The standard plan, for instance, offers 4 GB RAM, 2×2.0 GHz CPU, free domain, 3 IPs, 5 TB bandwidth and 500 GB of storage.

It also offers instant provisioning, enhanced caching as well as improved cPanel, all of the features that make it customers’ websites. Additionally, with cPanel, customers will be able to increase their available spaces for storage without needing admin intervention. Also, it still manages to give clients total access to CentOS, which gives them more control of their servers. With each dedicated server plan, users can upgrade for higher performance SAN storage from just 500 GB to 2 TB.

2) Technical support

JustHost dedicated hosting has a robust support system which offers rapid assistance to customers through telephone. As a customer of JustHost, you can rest easy knowing that all your queries will be attended to at any time that you call. Also, the company offers community resources like video tutorials and knowledgebase to enable customers learn more with regard to dedicated hosting.

3) Performance

JustHost dedicated hosting offers cutting edge technologies so as to ensure the very top level service. Its dedicated servers are totally custom built running Dual Core and have Intel Xeon processors as well as CentOS operating system. All these factors combine to give users fastest as well as most reliable operation. All in all, Justhost dedicated server has great performance for just about any type of business.

4) Uptime

The company promises a server uptime of 99.9% as well as a very fast webpage loading through leveraging power of their quality servers as well as advanced technologies like enhanced caching with own RAM and disk mirroring with RAID 1. Additionally, JustHost makes use of same data centers that Bluehost, a respected leader in the web hosting world, uses.

5) Price

Justhost dedicated server offers three packages namely Standard, Enhanced and lastly Premium. The normal price for these packages used to be $149.99, $199.99 and $249.99 a month but now you can buy the packages from $74.99, $99.99, and $124.99 a month. If you want to save further on the packages, try annual service term and you could well get a discount of up to 20%.

6) Money back guarantee

The company offers what it calls Anytime Money Back Guarantee meaning that should you not be satisfied with their services, you can cancel your account anytime you feel like and be refunded your money for the remaining hosting term. You won’t be asked any question.

7) Pros:

  • Affordable Plans.
    The company offers a whole range of plans ranging from shared all the way to dedicated server hosting and these come at highly affordable prices.
  • Anytime Refund Policy.
    This is one of the highlights of the company as far as benefits are concerned. You will be given full refund if you cancel your registration within a period of 30 days. Anytime after 30 days, you will get prorated refund.

8) Cons:

  • No guarantee on uptime.
    Justhost offers no uptime guarantee. Also, it does not promise any refund for the downtime that you may experience in the course of using their servers.
    Bottom line

JustHost dedicated server is among the best as well as cheapest providers in web hosting industry. It offers a host of useful features and is not only fast but also reliable. Justhost also has money back guarantee allowing you to get back your money should you feel that their services don’t meet your expectations. We highly recommend you to try JustHost dedicated server to host your ecommerce website or even a personal website.

In conclusion, I would like to say that JustHost is a great hosting choice that offers a whole range of affordable hosting solutions and it also comes with money back guarantee that you can get any time you cancel the package.

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Justhost VPS hosting reviews 2015 with pros and cons

Are you on the lookout for a good web hosting service provider for your website? Well, you should do a thorough review of the features, before deciding on the right hosting services, as there are many unreliable service providers, as well. JustHost VPS Hosting happens to be one good web host, as they help in providing easily accessible, and easy to navigate user interfaces. Their interfaces are suitable for both professional, as well as personal needs.

JustHost provides four different types of web hosting, and these include VPS, Shared, Dedicated and Cloud hosting. Depending upon the needs of the business, any of these hosting plans can be used.

Given below are some of the main features of the JustHost VPS Hosting:

  1. Cloud Technology.
    They make use of the cloud technology for building their VPS solutions.
  2. Enhanced Control Panel.
    The Control Panel is quite enhanced, and gives greater administrative features to the users. It is completely user-friendly, and is also quite easy to manage.
  3. Access to Root.
    They provide full access to the Root, which means more control on the server. So, one would be able to do all kinds of configuration changes, and can even make modifications to the OS kernel.
  4. Guaranteed high performance servers.
    The servers are available throughout, because of the KVM hyper visor virtualization.
  5. Instant Provisioning.
    This implies that the VPS gets deployed soon and the business will be in the cloud, soon after the order is placed.
  6. Management of multiple accounts.
    Only one login is required for managing all the accounts. And, one only needs to sign in once, for getting access to the various cPanel hosting services.
  7. High Speed.
    They ensure that the speed is unprecedented.
  8. Money back guarantee.
    In case of cancellation of the hosting account, the money will be refunded back.
  9. Excellent customer support throughout the day and night.
    With a dedicated in house team for providing the customer service, one can contact them over the phone or mail, at any point of time.


  1. The servers are Windows and Linux based, so the hosting can be useful for both the systems.
  2. The website builder is quite easy to use and is for free. One can use the drag and drop feature for building the site, which has more than 1000 templates and themes.
  3. The customer support is excellent, and is available 24/7.
  4. The VPS hosting is dedicated. And, one gets to use unlimited hosting of the domain.
  5. There are no hidden terms and conditions.
  6. The pricing models are quite simple and are not at all confusing. No set up fees is charged.
  7. The downtime is quite low, and the web hosting is available, almost 100% of the time.
  8. They provide support to the WordPress Hosting, which is the most popular blog.
  9. They also support the Open Source Hosting, with which, one can have many accounts.
  10. They support Ecommerce applications.


  1. It is difficult to import the WordPress blogs, which already exist.
  2. The signup period is about 3 years, which is quite lengthy. But, with the money back guarantee, one can cancel the order within a month, if the service does not meet the quality.
  3. During the registration, there is a frequent up selling.
  4. Too much of customizing of cPanel, makes it a little messy and unfriendly.
  5. The information about dedicated hosting is hidden in the site.

Price Range

There are basically 3 plans for shared web hosting. There is a basic starter plan, which gives around 100 mail accounts, along with unlimited bandwidth, 100 GB storage space, free domain hosting and registration for a year, and facilities for site backup. This plan is available for $5.99 per month. Then, there is the Plus Plan, which provides unlimited mail accounts, bandwidth, storage, and is available for $9.99. The Business Pro Plan is available for $19.99, and has all the features of Plus Plan, along with a free domain registration forever, Site Backup Pro and free SSL certificate. As compared to JustHost VPS Hosting, the prices of GoDaddy, HostGator and other services are almost double.


Even though, JustHost does not have all the elegant features, they are a fantastic web host, and provide a perfect balance between price and usability. They offer reliable solutions, with a wonderful customer support. The cloud hosting environment is reliable and secured, and provides the most affordable solutions. While all other hosting packages focus on the small scale businesses, JustHost can manage the complicated and business critical sites and applications, as well.

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Justhost web hosting reviews 2015

The Internet today has provided a new platform where business and social interaction is made possible. It is in this perspective that Justhost review provides with an insight on to the best web services provided and the advantages you stand to enjoy in using their services. At an affordable monthly cost, the services range from high speed connection to unlimited storage for data alongside other features. The major feature that you stand to gain from using these services includes the following:

  1. Email accounts.
    Communication is essential whether for business or social purposes. In this regard, information through the internet is shared mainly through emails. With Justhost you get the advantage of creating unlimited emails and in such way making it ideal for business and organizations where users within the organization create and effectively share mails.
  2. Data transfer.
    Considering the competence of a website depends on the ability to share information and data. In transfer of data, the speed and amount of data that can be shared is important in any setting. Justhost offers an opportunity where unlimited data can be shared effectively. In this way you get a chance to upload or download any amount of data without limitations making it one of the best and effective models of communication.
  3. Low cost.
    For as low as $2.95, you can gain full access to these amazing features of Justhost. This is a monthly subscription to the unlimited services offered by the company. However, it is important to note that additional charges may apply in instances of additional services that may be required. These include scanning and removal of malware and other infections that may occur. Despite this, the cost is not exaggerated and comes relatively cheap when compared to other removal options.
  4. Support services.
    In using any new service, there are challenges in operations as more so from the new features and updates. It is in this perspective that Justhost has I place an efficient customer service desk. This is available online and manned by highly qualified specialists. They are available on chat and offer solutions on any issue that might arise in course of using their services. Though in some instances the chat may seem slow, they always ensure they respond to all the queries within a duration not exceeding 30 minutes. In case of complicated issues, there are specialists to whim such cases are referred for solutions.
  5. Multimedia support.
    With Internet come massive entertainment options. It is in this regard that Justhost has in place multimedia support. This allows you to stream audio and video files that you may require. With its high speed connectivity and large files allowance, you are able to view and download media files irrespective of the size and capacity.

Despite the many gains that are achieved by using the services of Justhost, there are also a number of limitations that come with the application. They include among others

  1. Price changes.
    The price to maintain access to the services of Justhost is never consistent. However, this varies with the service plan that has been accessed. The plans available include the unlimited plan and the shared ones and the prices may vary in different times of the month at times in unpredictable ways. This becomes inappropriate to the uses as there times that a price hike may lead to disruption of the services.

It is always important to ensure that when seeking internet services you seek for the best service in the market today. This is in terms of service provision as well as cost. This Justhost review provides a great insight into the range of services available as well as the prevailing cost of accessing the same.

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Justhost backup reviews and automated backup, user site backup and restore

It is near 7 years for this web hosting review site to be hosted and running from Justhost.com hosting services. Until now, our websites are not having any server or database crash, or any type of data lost related issue. In some disaster event, the web server can be failed totally and all its data inside will be lost forever. In this type of even, the web host are effortless and unable to do anything but to provide you with alternative server as your new home. In order to prevent this type of 0.0001% odd of data failure, we need to plan forward and plan for the worst to come. This is when we need data backup service and restores service.

Justhost automated backup policy

Every web hosting service is complete with its own data backup plan. Some will use local server for backup and some will choose to use offsite service. Other difference is the time frame for each backup interval and how often website is backup and a mirror copy is stored for future use. Almost all budget web hosting plans are not included in this service and usually there are additional costs for offsite backup.

For Justhost.com backup policy, they are offering courtesy backup plan and they will perform their in house operation at anytime they find suitable. There is no guarantee of when or how often they will be doing this. All backups that they are having will be kept for up to 30 days only and any older than that will be deleted. The maximum backup size is capped at 30 GB only and anything larger will be skipped out totally.

Justhost user backup and restore D.I.Y.

Inside their control panel, they offer some of the best software application and this includes their most flexible backup tool; Site Backup Pro. This apps will be used for both backup and restore purposes. Remember the basic free version is sufficient and we only use this for the pass 7 years, there is no need to pay for the professional version upgrade. In here, user can browse all files and database available, pick any for backup and download. For user convenient, they can choose daily backup or weekly backup and download everything at once.

Site Backup & Restore allows you to download and restore system backups. Backups of your files, databases, and configuration settings are created automatically every night. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups are stored on our servers. The Pro version adds powerful features that make restoring files faster and more convenient.

Justhost backup service free version

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Justhost WordPress reviews and 10 best spam blocker plugin for WordPress

If we were to compare spammers to anything in the world, then definitely, we would brand them as “internet stalkers”. These are people who are always somewhere they shouldn’t be and even annoyingly, keep doing the things they shouldn’t be doing.

Spam is nothing to be desired, it is so dangerous in the sense that it makes someone look like a joke before serious people. Spam when left uncontrolled often hurts your credibility with both the search engine and human web visitors as well. Those of you running online businesses will agree with me that credibility is probably like currency, if you lose it, then definitely you lose the business, and therefore it is something that should be protected at all cost. In this article we will be discussing 10 best spam blocker plug-in for WordPress.

1. Askimet

If you are a WordPress user, then probably you’ve heard about Askimet. Askimet plug-in is one of the most popular antispam plug-in owing to its wide use and connection to a centralized server which keeps track of spam for your website/blog. Askimet was developed by WordPress team called Automatic and keeps being updated from time to time making it compatible with even the latest versions WordPress.

This plug-in is best suited for people who want simple method without the hustle of indulging yourself into many configurations. However, since it automatically blocks anything that look like spam, users are left with very limited control over what is to be blocked and what should not.

Currently, Askimet is free for those who intend to use it for personal use while those with commercial websites are required to purchase a business license ranging from $5 to $50 per month.

2. WP SpamShield

This antispam unlike Askimet is quite robust and allows flexibility by giving you control over what should be blocked and what should not. Often, but not limited to, majority of comment spam always come from bots that do not accept cookies and/or have JavaScript enabled. This antispam is profoundly effective in blocking any comment that come from sources without either of these. However, a few, say 1% of internet users may be surfing the net with their JavaScript of cookies disabled resulting in false positive.

In addition, this antispam includes the ability to build forms that can block spam as well. This is so advantageous as it makes it block spam from multiple sources. Furthermore, with WP Spam Shield one can block trackbacks and pingbacks that may be coming in from spam sources.

3. Antispam by CleanTalk

This antispam is quite effective in blocking comment spam as well as signup spam. Antispam by CleanTalk uses a remote database to track for potential spam, which makes it rather resourceful in keeping a broad database of potential spam threats across all sites that use it. However, connection failure between your site and the CleanTalk server often affects the Antispam functionality.

Antispam plugin can be downloaded free of charge but it requires an access key which can be obtained from CleanTalk server. Upon receiving the access key, one is given a 30 days free trial which will thereafter require a subscription fee of $8 for a single site for unlimited protection.

4. WangGuard

WangGuard is another free antispam plug-in with capabilities to block spam registrations on WordPress sites. However, it is only limited to spam registration and cannot protect your WordPress site from comment spam. One thing that makes this Antispam plug-in one among the best is its versatility in terms of options. You can be able to disallow users who reference a particular domain from registration or even add a notice discouraging spam registration.

5. Growmap

Like Askimet, Growmap is another popular antispam plug-in. In fact, it can be confused to be the best plug-in and therefore pose as a threat to Askimet. It is effective in blocking automated spam. In a nutshell, Growmap can be described as a lethal antispam with technology to destroy both spambots and real human spam and pingbacks.

6. Spam Stopper

This antispam plug-in uses a CAPTCHA verification process to track and validate every comment posted by users. If it senses a spam, it automatically stops it there and then.

Setting up Spam Stopper is so easy as well as using it. It is quite effective in stopping endless strings of junk and also ensures that all required fields are filled before posting a comment.

7. Spam Free WordPress

Unlike Askimet, Spam Free WordPress according to its developers can protect your site from automated spam without any false positive whatsoever. In addition to this, it also has very captivating features such as zero reliance on CAPTCHA, IP address blacklisting and low database load. In addition, it gives the user an option to choose whether to remove the spam automatically saving one a great deal of time.


WP reCAPTCHA is familiar for its antique, rather popular use of archaic word combination unlike with other antispam plug-in that use the same blemished verification system. Interestingly, WP reCAPTCHA plug-in distorts the arrangements of the words as well as the wordings making it impracticably difficult even for smart spambots that use OCR to decipher.

9. Antispam

Unlike Askimet whose review goes through myriad tests and still once in a while allows spam to be posted, this plugin saves you that time and in addition, does not use Captcha to track spam. It has a friendly platform and is quite easy to use.

10. AlphaOmega Captcha and Antispam Filter

This plug-in provide unique and extremely interesting captchas to block spam from getting into your WordPress page. In addition to blocking the spam, AlphaOmega filters all posted comments and even gives you statistics of spamming activity.

Above are our favorite top 10 spam blockers for WordPress site. Next, view our wordpress review and test here.

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