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Justhost is a highly popular web hosting company established in year 2008. This is a 15 years of company and they are highly experience in offering high quality cPanel plan. Right now they have shared hosting, VPS and reseller and the most powerful dedicated server.

With this Justhost review site hosted with their shared web hosting plan, we are testing and evaluating their products and services since year 2009. Many years of real experience have helped us to revealed a lot of thing and secrets about them. All our reviews are unbiased and based on facts; we put the website into testing and track its uptime rating. Their pros and cons are all exposed in this free review site.

Justhost.com Web Hosting

Justhost cPanel plan is one of the lowest price and nearly half the price of what others are charging. We know this is no different from the rest and indeed one of the best because we have been using this for many years. Inside here, we host multiple websites and they are performing great. Here are the top reasons to choose Justhost.

Justhost features

All these wonderful features for the price of below three dollars per month, it is available with amazing low price. Others are charging over six dollars for these and that is twice more expensive.

Justhost reseller web hosting is the best. Their package start from twenty dollars and this is one of the highest specification plans ever. They included the automatic billing system into the reseller account and owner can start selling instantly and charge their client directly. It’s a fully automated billing system provided free. Next, there is WHM admin control panel and cPanel control panel for users to manage.

That is a great reseller bargain, they included all the necessary software at no extra cost. Every user accounts created will have site builder software and templates inside.

Justhost professional reseller plan

Justhost cPanel control panel is with customized theme. Before signup any hosting plan, make sure you know what kind control panel is used and checkout their demo control panel as well. They are using cPanel control panel and currently running version X. Within our account, we captured following screenshot that you can use as the demo and get a preview of what you will get and how it look like. For our website, we can access it by logging in directly via following URL:


This Just Host cPanel looks great and nicely organized. With blue color banner at the top and follow by latest promotion and upgrade features. For the year 2013, they have introduced a new cPanel theme. This design is simple, less distracting, and it load faster too. The menu bar section has been totally redesigned and now includes more shortcuts and application.

Well organised Justhost cPanel control panel

Justhost maximum files permitted in account is very high. Every shared hosting apply limit to number of files user can host in one account. Except using dedicated server, this allows unlimited number of file. Even the VPS imply this limitation and usually these numbers are larger. Their inodes limits are set to 50000 and this are the maximum files allowed in single account. Exceeding this limit will cause account suspension and that is the thing you need to avoid.

Justhost email service is reliable and works great. Their plan is with unlimited email accounts creation, you can create as many accounts as you require. Each user can access to own private mailbox. If you are using client program like Windows Mail or Outlook Express, and connect to mail server to download new message directly. If you not have email client, alternative is to use webmail client to access mailbox.

This Justhost shared hosting is offering three webmail clients program for free. It includes Horde, Squirrelmail and Roundcube. It is fast, dependable and works for most popular web browsers.

Selection of Webmail clients from Justhost

Justhost domain manager tool is easy to use. Our requirement is very specific and always look for web host that offers most features and best quality. In reality, we want a plan that works for us and help website to prosper throughout time. They are now adding in all new domain manager into the existing cPanel control panel.

Domain manager tool is impressive!

And Justhost are offering multiple site builder tools. Their plan includes a free site builder tool for creating website via online drag and drop apps. This RvSiteBuilder is fully integrated into cPanel and a perfect solution that can save time. This tool come with website template design for free. Log in to account and click on this and you’re ready to build own website. In here, we can find a total of five site builder tools which includes RvSitebuilder, Livesite, SohoLaunch, BasicPages, and Concret5.

Multiple site builder tools included.

Justhost speed test and performance is checked here. In term of speed performance, this shared hosting is nothing less. We have few websites hosted in this account and the performance is still impressive. Our WordPress with a lot of image files are able to completely loaded within two seconds. From this speed check, it shows a remarkable good performance. For comparison, our iPage account is much slower at 110 KB/sec transfer rate and our Hostgator account is with 200 KB/sec. IPage is bit cheaper but their speed is much slower and Hostgator cost twice more but the performance is about ten percent more.

Justhost speed check and test.

Is Justhost uptime and downtime good? For many years, we tracked and monitored website service uptime and do our best to detect downtime when it happened. Website uptime statistic is recorded and updated in here. We keep track on customer account and not their official homepage. And our website uptime statistic is as following.

Justhost website uptime downtime

Justhost affiliate program is recommended. This is one of the largest web hosting affiliate program payout claims we ever seen. They are now offering a whopping new sales commission of $60 dollars per successful sales you made. This program payout is very similar Bluehost and Hostmonster partner program that pay $65 dollars.

What makes this better than the other? This program is now reaching over half million dollars payout per month. Their payout is larger compare to most others. If we break down the payout to daily basis, that will be nearly twenty thousand paid each day.

Justhost affiliate program signup is free and they have two pay period at two weeks once. A minimum of $60 is required for payment and it will be sent via PayPal with fees paid. Wire transfer is available for payment larger than $10,000 per month. Affiliates are responsible for all fee, taxes, surcharge, and exchange rate expenses. All affiliates are required to fill in tax form and provide taxation information.

Overall Justhost rating is at the highest. In recent years, their products are greatly improved and continuously introducing more upgrades. Besides great products, their service quality is superior and highest rated too. In overall customer reviews that we received, the feedback is good and there are large percentage of satisfaction.

Our Justhost experience rating and vote

What is Justhost DNS for domain pointing? For all website to be hosted here with them should be using following DNS (Domain Name Server) information:

  • ns1.pipedns.com
  • ns2.pipedns.com
  • ns3.pipedns.com

First DNS is pointing to IP address If using their shared plan, above are the setting to use. They use three DNS fields instead of two and this guarantee a better uptime.  The advantage is more reliable DNS service and less percentage of downtime or failure.

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We love to host with the top 10 web hosting companies. They have the best in products and services, and this is what makes them so special. Only the top web hosts are able to deliver to highest level of excellent. They can employ large group of experts and specialized in their job, this resulted in highest quality of product and service. This is the reason why we choose to host with with them, because they are the top 10 web hosts.

The best Justhost coupon is $2.23/mo. They start the year with their best offer and discount price. Place your order today, and you can locked in their lowest price for up to 4 years. When you place order for their plan, use the coupon code and this hosting plan can be yours.

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For the summer 2013, the lowest price is $2.25/mo. This plan includes lots more free extras and gifts. This is nearly 70% off original pricing and this give the highest saving for their first time customer. Signup with them this summer and take control of their limited offer here.

Summer Sales $2.25/mo

Second best coupon price is from $2.45/mo. Don’t signup yet until you read these! This will help you to get the best discount here. If you signup using the “BESTHOST2009″ or “FREEDOMAIN” coupons provided by default, you will get their regular pricing only.

Justhost dedicated server and VPS is now half price off. Their new dedicated servers and VPS plans are now available with half price deal too. This is their latest private server packages and now with introductory offer and anyone wishing to upgrade to private server can take advantage of this promotion and switch over to tap in this deal. Their VPS plan now start from $14.99 for the first month.

Dedicated Server Half Price

Justhost rebate and web hosting cash back is in here. When searching for web hosting rebates and cash back online, we are always hunting for the best deals and hope to get the biggest discount price for our next purchase. Web hosting discount price can be obtained directly from them or from third party provider that offer various discount and rebates. In this Justhost review site, we provide another rebate program. Submit us your review and we will give another five dollars.