6 Years Justhost Review and Truthful Critic

Whenever we search online for Justhost reviews or any other verdicts, we will get a lots of false claims from unconfirmed source. Probably over 90% of these info are not based on actual experience and the editor who wrote it is not having experience or ever use the products. That is what pioneer our very first hosted Justhost review site and our actual experience helps to revealed lots more secrets about them. We invite existing customers to take part in this program by submitting their own user reviews. In here, we also have a few Justhost coupons for discount and saving. Don’t signup yet until you read our full report.

Justhost.com is a web host that maintain the lowest price and keep their initial signup price at $3 dollars a month. Anyone who needs a web hosting service will find this offer irresistible. It offers everything you ever need, with nothing less and only more. If you need a bigger package, right here they have:

  1. Reseller hosting selling at $19.95
  2. VPS hosting selling at $29.99 (first month $14.99)
  3. Dedicated hosting selling at $149.99 (first month $74.99)


What is shared hosting service? This is the most common type of Internet hosting service and almost all webmaster having experience in this. The company purchase individual server and installed all require software to create virtual clustering in it. With this, the one server is now able to support multiple user accounts and serve as a new home for thousand of websites. What they did is find new customer and put them into any available slot, and once the server is full they simply add new server as a new unit and continue to process all over. This is the most common practice and it can generate million of dollars in pure profit every year. For us that previously working with a web hosting company, we really understand how they run the business and how much profit it can generate. This is like a cash machine and once doing it right, it can be bring to its full potential and create some really amazing thing.

How to look for a good shared hosting service? Because this is multi-million dollars in stack, this is no one man job and it requires the best technical team and the best hardware facilities too. When looking for a good web hosting company, we will first check their company reputation and years of experience follow by facilities and hardware in use. This will reveal some background information and help us to pinpoint the exact champion in the game. Only the top host with the right resources invested will prosper in long term and growth into a gigantic company that runs by thousand of employees. There you have it, when we search for a good web host, we really look into the background and front-end to help identify the undisputed winner.

Justhost is having the widest range of products. Anything you need to host a website online can be found here, and most importantly they are now having cheap VPS upgrade option and budget dedicated servers for those looking for more exclusive solution. In comparison, their products are much cheaper compare to Bluehost and Hostgator, the two big names in this industry. Here is their price difference:

  1. Justhost is from $3.50/mo.
  2. Bluehost is from $5.95/mo.
  3. Hostgator is from $7.95/mo.

Justhost VPS hosting plans

This Justhost unlimited plan is now priced at not more than $3.50 per month, and clearly that price is cheaper compare to other places. It is now includes the following features:

  1. Unlimited disk storage and site transfer.
  2. Unlimited Email accounts and mailbox.
  3. Unlimited domain and support international domain names.
  4. Free domain name registration.
  5. Free cPanel control panel and site builder.

Overall Justhost rating is now 4.9/5.0. In recent years, their products are greatly improved and continuously introducing more upgrades. We have been using their service for many years and besides great products, the quality is superior and with highest rating too. We have experience using their shared and reseller hosting, and we are most impressed by their cPanel shared hosting. This is one of the best cPanel plan and we have compared them with most other top web hosting company products and its clear this is one of the best.

With this Justhost review website hosted with them, we are checking their price, feature and quality in here. The actual experience is helping us to rate them correctly and we know this require some mathematical tool to get this right. We are using the following rating system to give a score to each checking criteria and find its overall rating at the end. Here are our ratings:

Rating and Vote

Justhost Coupon and Discount $2.23/mo

Justhost coupon $2.75What is the best Justhost coupon for 2014? Early this year they set their basic plan at $3.50/month and this July they are once again offers a new promotion and guarantee a 65% saving with their introductory offer. Their lowest price is now $2.75 and it will renew at $7.99 accordingly. We checked for their price change very frequently and we know when the best time for signup is.

There has been much kind of web hosting sales right here and for this year 2014, these are the best offers available:

  1. Choose 24-months and get it at $3.50/mo
  2. Choose 36-months and get it at $2.75/mo
  3. Use the Justhost coupon code FREEDOMAIN to entitle.

Justhost coupon $2.75 per month

Besides getting the lowest price from them, we are looking for free gifts and extra promos too. For instant, here are some of the free gifts we are getting when signing up:

  1. Free domain name registration.
  2. Free site builder tool.
  3. Free $50 Facebook ad credit.
  4. Free $100 Google ad credit.
  5. Free $50 Bing ad credit.

For first quarter of this year 2014, they have changed their annual pricing table and introduce a slight change here and there. For example, the previous lowest price was $3.25 and now it is $3.50 per month. This is less than 10% increase. However the default Justhost coupon remains the same and offering the highest discount for those choose to signup 4-years at once.

Justhost coupon $3.50

The best Justhost coupon is $2.23 per month. They start the year with their best offer and discount. Place your order today, and you can locked in their lowest pricing for up to 4 years. When you place order for their plan, use the Justhost coupon code and this hosting plan can be yours. We have been monitoring and perform our Justhost reviews for many years, we have seen very rare offers from them and this $2.23 is one of its kind and so far the lowest. Inside this, they included in free primary domain name and marketing credits. This mean it should be much lower than $2.23 in actual calculation.

Justhost coupon $2.23

For the summer 2013, the lowest Justhost price is $2.25 per month. This is nearly 70% off original pricing and this give the highest saving for their first time customer. Choose to signup with them this summer and take control of their limited offer here. This is the first time we spotted this $2.25 and this is a real deal. This is all unlimited plan and includes everything you need to host one or more websites.

Justhost Coupon Summer $2.25

Second best Justhost coupon is from $2.45 per month. Don’t signup yet until you read these! This will help you getting the best discount. If you signup using the BESTHOST2009 or FREEDOMAIN coupons provided by default, you will get their regular pricing only.

 Justhost VPS hosting is now half-price off. They are now offering 4 VPS packages and begin from below $29.99 per month. The basic VPS plan now starts from $14.99 for the first month only. After we apply the default Justhost coupon FREEDOMAIN to entitle for this 50% saving, the price is now amazingly low and only $14.99 only. The following months will renew at regular and no discount will be given. Here are the quick feature and specification for their VPS plans.

VPS hosting sales

Justhost dedicated server is now 50% off. This dedicated hosting is with instant provisioning which means instant account setup and no waiting is required. Server management tools are provided free and even permit root server access. These servers are further enhanced with mirror storage and memory caching to boost performance and make it even faster. Their most basic server setup now uses dual core Intel Xeon processor and price start from $149.99 each month. It uses CentOS 64-bits operating system and cPanel server management.

Justhost dedicated server coupon

How to activate this Justhost coupon price $2.75/mo? If you are unclear of how to activate this code, we have created this 30 seconds video to help you get things right. It shows step-by-steps instruction on how to activate it, follow by confirmation, signup and fill in billing page to complete the signup. Its a simple process and we really hope this video tutorial will help you even better.

Creating High-Quality and Informative Website Content

Free website scriptsBesides choosing the best hosting service from Justhost and host your website here, content is the next most important aspect of any website. With high-quality content, visitors tend to go back to your site and check for updates frequently. There are lots of information that can be found on the internet, making it difficult for web content writers to create unique, relevant and timely articles.

The website design should enhance the articles. It does not only work for beautifying the website, but also for making the content easy to navigate and read. Given below are tips on how to create high-quality and informative website content.

  • Use an interesting topic.
    Information should be interesting and timely. Make sure that it is written in an engaging and entertaining tone. Provide factual information whenever you offer a product or service. Incorporate some humor if necessary. To ensure that the audience will like the content, imagine that you are one of the site’s possible visitors. Persuade yourself to avail, buy or join in your website using well-written articles. The content must be able to encourage you to buy your product. In this way, you can predict how the customers will react upon reading your articles.
  • Only write an article about the topics and information that you are aware of.
    When writing about a technical topic, discussing it using flowery and hard-to-understand words is not a good way of attracting visitors. Make it appealing and unique even without the use of such words. The most important thing is to relay your words in a way that even young people can understand. If you are not knowledgeable about the topic, chances are your content will be filled with fluff.
  • Write a short yet informative article as much as possible.
    If your article is too long, the visitor will be lazy to read it. If the article is really long even after you remove some of its paragraphs, you may opt to cut it into two articles and post them separately. Bullet and number lists are some of the ways to make your content more readable. Like the homepage in a good website design, the first paragraph, also known as the introduction, is the most important part of an article. If the starting paragraph is boring, lifeless and dry, the reader will not finish reading it. It must be interesting right from the beginning to grasp the reader’s interest. Do not fill your website with articles trying to convince the audience to buy your products. This will only make your clients leave. Instead of doing that, you can provide them with high-quality and informative content to garner their trust. Never use a sales tone in writing your content.
  • Ensure that your website can load contents very fast.
    More than anything else, a website that runs slowly can make the visitors disappointed and irritated. There are several factors affecting the speed of the running time. Your website design may be full of unnecessary features, making the loading time longer. The host server may not be enough to support your website. Otherwise, the visitor may have a slow internet connection. Want a fast website hosting plan, check out this Justhost speed rating here.

As a web developer, you must use the codes and programs with cascading style sheets (CSS) standards. CSS will help you make more content using less number of codes. If the page contains less codes, the page size is relatively smaller. The display images should be small enough to be viewed but you must include an option wherein readers can enlarge it. The things that can make your site slow are autoplay audio, pop-up windows, unnecessary widgets and animations.

  • Cut the whole content into short paragraphs.
    Gaps between paragraphs give readers enough time to comprehend the content’s message. In addition, readers tend not to read long articles.
  • Never alter words with pictures.
    Even though pictures are more attractive, they consume a large space in your server’s memory, making the running time slow. Pictures usually do not have keywords and thus, will be difficult for you to get a large traffic.
  • Make sure that all links are underlined or colored (blue).
    To emphasize a link, you need to make it different from the general text. This is done by underlining the text or changing its color to blue.
  • Use appropriate keywords.
    Make sure that the possible keywords that visitors will type on different search engines are present in your content. You may opt to include the keywords in the headings, titles, links and bold text.
  • Use the white space wisely.
    Do not overfill it with pictures. Remember that articles are best written on the white space so that readers can see it clearly. Make sure that the images and text will not overlap with each other.

Is Justhost Reseller Hosting Worth Signup?

Justhost reseller planWhy choose Justhost reseller plan over the new VPS hosting? At some point, webmaster found a good web host and they want to become a reseller and become and agent to sell the product or services with a small profit. To those that found this hosting and get amazed by their service, this reseller plan is the best choice and tick every boxes. In another hand VPS plan doesn’t allow these and there is strictly no reselling of the service or space available in your account.

Justhost reseller web hosting is the best. Anyone who wish to become a resellers can signup for this plan for as low as $19.95 a month and offer their own services with it. This solution now come in three simple packages as following:

  1. Reseller Silver plan from $19.95/mo.
  2. Reseller Gold plan from $49.95/mo.
  3. Reseller Platinum plan from $89.95/mo.

The Silver reseller plan includes 100 GB storage space and 15 Mbps transfer speed. This plan allows unlimited accounts and this mean you can resells to more customers. This basic Justhost reseller plan includes automated billing, WHM admin control panel and cPanel customer control panel. When this Silver plan is insufficient, there is Gold plan with 250 GB storage and Platinum plan with 500 GB storage. In comparison, their reseller plans are the most complete and come with all necessary software tools and features. There are no missing hardware from the toolbox either. Lets compare them with other top web hosts for example:

  1. Hostgator reseller hosting $24.95 is with only 50GB storage.
  2. Site5 reseller hosting $23.95 is with 50GB storage as well.

In real life comparison, we can see this Justhost’s reseller plans are more affordable and offer with more features too. Their specification list is one of the most complete and comes with tons of free addon without any hidden cost. This is what we love about their plan. And finally, we want to highlight on their anytime money-back guarantee that is protecting your initial signup.

Justhost reseller hosting features

Justhost VPS Hosting & Why Upgrade This?

VPS hosting learn more!

VPS is an acronym that stands for the phrase ”Virtual private server” which is a virtual machine sold as a service by an internet hosting service. This machine runs its own copy of an operating system and clients have super user level access to that operating system instance so they can install almost any application which runs on that operating system.

Web hosting on the other hand is a method by which an individual or organization leases a server to store data used to display a site that is accessible through the internet. Every website that can be found and accessed online is hosted on some kind of a server and several organizations provide a number of diverse methods for this hosting.

There are four Justhost VPS packages to select from and basic plan $14.99 is the most recommended. It have enormous 2 GB memory and 30 GB storage, that is sufficient for multiple website hosting. Other standard features include cPanel control panel and server root access. There are four packages available as following:

  1. VPS Standard plan $14.99
  2. VPS Enhanced plan $29.99
  3. VPS Premier plan $44.99
  4. VPS Ultimate plan $59.99

Many companies today opt for a virtual private server hosting because they realize the several amazing benefits that come with it. Below are a few advantages of VPS web hosting:

  1. Cost Efficient
    VPSs are virtual machines on a single server. Since several virtual private servers can be hosted on one physical server, service providers can effect Multi-Tenancy in the provision of VPS web hosting. Multi-Tenancy is a key element of a virtual private server since only a single instance of the software template can be installed on the actual machine. Then through an abstraction layer, several ‘independent’ virtual machines can be provided within this single model. This approach minimizes the cost of deployment for providers because multiple VPSs can be provided within a single server. This is actually the main reason as to why Virtual Private Servers are priced lower than Dedicated Servers.
  2. VPSs are Scalable
    VPSs can be scaled up or down on necessity. This means that if your application begins stashing more RAM space, it is very easy to deal with the situation. You can easily add additional resources on the fly with no interruption but this greatly depends on your service provider. In the case of a Dedicated Server, there would have to be a compulsory downtime for the system upgrade.
  3. Disaster Recovery
    Many people undoubtedly assume that a Dedicated Server is the best choice when it comes to data recovery. This is because when a user uploads data or installs applications to it, the Dedicated Server is provisioned directly on the main kernel with no layer of abstraction. Preemptive backups are necessary for safeguarding oneself against data loss. However a Virtual Private Server provides a faster route for data recovery than the former since it can be backed up into an image that can be rebooted on another node much faster than a Dedicated Server can be restored from backups. More interestingly, a Virtual Private Server can be live migrated between different nodes without interrupting the system. The Abstraction Layers in these virtual machines make them easier to manage in the event of data loss.
  4. Root Access
    Although this is a shared benefit with Dedicated Servers, it is still worth mentioning taking into account the fact that a Virtual Private Server can be provisioned at a much lower price than a Dedicated Server. If you are a developer who needs his/her own sandbox for testing purposes, a Virtual Private Server can be very handy. For a small fee, you can easily test your apps and then cancel the server a month later if you so wish without any commitment.

While there are various companies providing VPS web hosting solutions, it is imperative that you only go for the best and most reliable service provider. This is because not all service providers will be capable of providing you the kind of service that you may want. Knowing how to select the right VPS web hosting company is critical, consider the following tips:

  1. Consider the Technology that the Particular Company is Using
    A good service provider should use a cutting edge VPS technology, it should rely on the best VPS hosting hardware and software available at the moment. This should be the first thing to take into account when searching for a plan. A Virtual Private Server depends on the interaction between the web hosting software and hardware that are responsible for virtualization. It is the software that will create the secure space in which your data will be stored and allocates system resources to your virtual machine. If the company relies on out-of-date software, then your data may be vulnerable to hackers remember these people use sophisticated password cracking tools which can only be counteracted by a cutting-edge software. On the other hand the hardware relied upon should also be up-to-date otherwise the virtual machine will not be capable of supporting the software.
  2. Flexibility
    Every webmaster will use their VPS hosting differently hence the best VPS hosting plan should offer flexibility for every client’s unique wants. The service provider should realize that the wants of consumers vary hence provide services which are highly customizable and flexible. You should only opt for a company that will be capable to offer you a plan that is tailored for your requirements.
  3. Service Features that Can Better VPS Hosting
    Good technology is just one component of a reliable VPS hosting solution. To find a solution that will continue to work for you over time, take into account the service features that your plan includes. The best companies are committed to their clients and offer professional customer service and technical support features to help them get the most out of their selected plans. In managed VPS hosting, service features may include proactive server monitoring, routine backups and security boost to safeguard you against malicious data attacks. On the other hand unmanaged VPS hosting solution may include 24/7 client support as well as wide support materials including relevant articles and tutorials. Consider all those components before settling on a hosting solution.

In conclusion, Virtual Private Server hosting is the unquestionable heavy weight in the realm of web hosting. More flexible than Dedicated Server and more robust than shared hosting, VPSs are first growing popular among every group of consumers including corporate clients in the manner of Cloud Virtual Private Server web hosting. With more available options, this kind of hosting has stretched into the majority and can suit the needs of every webmaster. Therefore if you want to have a more efficient and cost effective web hosting solution, make sure that you find a VPS hosting plan that is suitable for your needs.

Why choose Justhost VPS hosting? Besides their instant account provisioning, we love their price too. They purposely built 4 different packages and most basic one start from $29.99. With their introductory discount, the price is cut half and we only pay $14.99 for first month. In price and feature comparison, this is better compare to the following:

  1. Hostgator VPS basic plan is only with 512 MB.
  2. Webhostingbuzz VPS basic plan is with only 512 MB.
  3. IPage VPS basic plan is only with 1GB memory.

Why upgrade to Justhost VPS hosting plan? This virtual private server stand in between shared hosting and dedicated server. When people realized shared hosting is not sufficient and dedicated server is too expensive, they have to come out with a new solution that fit in the between. This is when they split the dedicated server by software and creating virtual server environment. When this is done, it produce a new virtually like server that is acting just like a private server but being share parallel without being known by the server user. By this, they can having few virtual cluster in one server and that is how they cut down the price and still sharing the server by just a fraction few VPS accounts. In short, it is better than shared hosting and from our test it can be up to twice better than shared hosting.

Justhost VPS hosting

A Web Hosting Guide To Beginners

Best web hostingIn today’s world, if you are a business owner or a professional in any field, it is imperative to have your presence on the internet. With the increased presence demand by individuals wanting to own a bit of online space, a lot of companies are now offering web hosting services. However, the quality of services offered differs in relation to their price, efficiency and effectiveness.

The influx supply has brought about a lot of competition to the extent that individuals can now get these services at very low prices and even free of charge. Unlike in the past years when we had to part with huge sums of money in order to get our presence on the internet, it is now easier and cheaper to do so.

How do find the best web hosting company? As we have seen, there are a lot of companies offering this. Therefore, it may be difficult to choose the best company to work with. If you are in a dilemma to choose what kind of service to work with, do not be weary. Below are some few pointers that will help you choose the best web hosting company to work with.

When choosing a new provider, your primary factor should not be the price, but the services you will get. Yes, price plays a huge role but, you need to take into consideration other factors.

Below are some few factors to consider when searching for a new web hosting.

  1. Customer service
    the best provider should offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer care services to their clients. Their customer service team should have adequate insight and be well equipped with invaluable knowledge on how to ensure that their customers are satisfied. They should have several ways to connect to their customers. Some of these ways include live chats, email, telephone and online ticket.
  2. Reliable service
    success on the internet is determined by the reliability of your host. It should provide more than 99.9% uptime services using quality equipment that ensure security of your data is enhanced.
  3. No hidden charges
    ensure that the company clearly indicates every fee it charges in black and white. There are some shady companies which claim to offer cheap services; however, they have a lot of hidden charges which include domain transfer charges, charges for adding sub domains, charges for adding ftp accounts, email and so on.
  4. Ease to use
    depending on your technical skills, choose the one that you can work with comfortably. Even though most will use the cPanel for website management, there are a few companies such as Godaddy that use their own proprietary management interface which takes a longer time to adjust to.

With these factors, you will be in a better position to find a cheap and reliable web hosting company. However, the best way to find the cheapest and most reliable is by researching through reviews and forums. Find out more what others have to say about these companies. However, we cannot lay a blind eye to the fact that some mischievous companies pay people to post positive reviews about them. Therefore, the secret to finding the best is via research, research and more research.

One of the best places to get such information is on this Justhost review site. This is a blog where you may get reliable and unbiased reviews. In addition, it is also a good place for latest bargain, coupons for offers.

Below are a few sites that offer the best cheap web hosting services we recommend:

  1. Justhost
  2. iPage
  3. Bluehost
  4. Hostmonster
  5. Hostgator

Features overviewWhat are the advantages of working with cheap web hosting? As a beginner, it is highly recommended that you work with them due to the following reasons;

  1. Cheap hosting is even cheaper than free hosting
    free hosting is only an advertising supported web hosting. It offers very limited features for your website such as low data transfer, little disk space, more down time, no domain account, no technical support and no Cpanel to manage the website. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the cheap but quality plan for your website.
  2. Excellent option for beginners
    they are the best for inexperienced individuals. These individuals are generally beginners who have very limited knowledge about the process of running a website or a blog. The cheap web host can be an excellent choice for them.
  3. Cost effective
    they are extremely cost effective for ventures who do not require enhanced security and privacy. They are more suitable for bloggers and people who venture into similar businesses having lower returns than big websites.
  4. Testing platforms
    a lot of time, beginners are not sure of what they want to venture into. Therefore, cheap web hosts are definitely the best platforms to experiment with the venture. It allows us to realize the benefits, risks and other aspects of the venture without investing a lot of money. This reduces the risk of failure when handling big ventures.
  5. Easy renewal
    many cheap websites offer easy renewal services with respect to the disk space and band width. This enhances your overall experience of website or the blog.

What are the cons of working with cheap web hosting?

  1. Low security measures therefore can be easily hacked.
  2. May suffer from down time compared to highly priced web hosting companies.
  3. You will share sever space with other companies which may jeopardize your company.

Hence, before deciding on what type of web hosting service you need, it is advisable to consider the above pros and cons and base them on your actual requirements

In addition, keep in mind that you always get what you pay for. An efficient, effective, quality and service oriented web host provider will always make a huge difference to your business. Therefore, take time to research about the best providers that suit your needs. That’s all there is to know about choosing the best web hosting company. I hope the information has been of great use and please visit this Justhost coupon page too. In here, I have collected various discount price and voucher for those who interested to signup with Justhost shared hosting plan.